A08 – Insurance Brokerage Services

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It is the intent of the Port District, through this Request for Proposals, to identify firms capable of providing insurance brokerage services on a one-year basis, with two (2) one-year renewable terms.
All qualified insurance brokers are encouraged to submit their written proposal to Ms. Robbie Williams, Office Manager, America’s Central Port District, 1635 W. First Street, Granite City, IL 62040, or via e-mail at rwilliams@americascentralport.com no later than the close of business (4:30 PM) on November 1, 2019. Questions should be directed to Ms. Williams, preferably in writing, to rwilliams@americascentralport.com. Her phone number is (618) 452-8440. Upon submittal, proposals will be reviewed internally. At the Port’s discretion, firms may be invited for interviews during approximately the month of November for further clarification. The successful firm will be notified and an agreement is intended to be put in place for the Port District’s Board approval at its December 9 ,2019 meeting. The Port District’s renewal date for its commercial insurance policies is in mid-May; however, the contract for brokerage services would be for the calendar year(s) beginning January 1, 2020.
PLEASE NOTE:Employee Benefits (Health, Dental, Vision and Life) are not covered under this RFP and will be handled under a separate RFP.

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Friday, November 1, 2019 at 4:30PM


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Question Answers
How are residential units configured? Residential units range from single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses, apartments as well as a barracks unit.
Are leases considered triple net leases? With only a few exceptions, America’s Central Port handles all property and hazard insurance.
Total premium currently being spent? America’s Central Port has spent and/or budged for approximately $700,000 to $1,000,000 over all lines of coverage over the last several years.
How many brokers were sent the RFP? The RFP invitation was directly sent to 10 commercial insurance companies. As of October 7, 2019, a total of 13 companies have registered for the RFP.
What is the decision making process? Staff will review all proposals received and rank the proposals by qualifications of the company, based on the years of experience of the team and current and/or past experience with business that are comparable to ours, i.e. government entities, port districts, commercial and residential building owners, etc., and fee. Firms may be invited for interviews to aid in the decision making process.
Are Security Personnel armed? No, they are not.
Could you please provide the following information:
• Schedule of Insurance including: Coverage, Limits, Statement of Values, Deductibles and Current Premiums
• Summary of Losses by line of coverage
• Current Compensation for Brokerage Services
We are inclined to keep things pretty general at this point -- getting into too many specifics, we have found, does not give the proposer the opportunity to propose "creative" solutions to managing our account. The following, hopefully, will give you a little more information regarding the Port.
America’s Central Port is a Port District headquartered in Granite City, Illinois. The Port has approximately 1,200 acres of land with some developable parcels, approximately 2 million sq. ft. of warehouse space, over 50,000 sq. ft. of office space and over 150 residential units that we manage and lease for industrial, commercial and residential use. The Port also encompasses port facilities at both the Granite City Harbor and Madison Harbor that are managed and insured by our Operators.
The Port’s purpose is economic development – we provide land, buildings, facilities and infrastructure to companies to promote job growth and retention – we are a “landlord” port. Approximately 15 of the buildings and facilities on the Port’s property are either owned or leased and, are insured by the tenant, operator or others.
Port staff does not load or unload rail cars, barges or trucks. All of our day-to-day operation is associated with the management and maintenance of our property, and rarely do we access or do any work at the harbors, and never do any work on the boats.
This RFP is based upon the value of the Broker – what kind of service is provided and how you best utilize your team and resources to provide the proper lines of coverage for our business at fair price and the best value for the Port with a reasonable return on investment for the broker. We will accept a flat fee, percentage, or commission – however you wish to structure your compensation.
Obviously, once the successful proposer has been selected, we will plan to have in-depth meetings regarding current lines of coverage; loss runs; and work with the selected Broker to maximize our coverage at the best value for the Port.
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