A10 – Rail Design Services

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The Port is seeking qualifications for rail design services. The purpose of the RFQ is that the Port can a approve a firm that it can contact to assist in the development of conceptual and up to bid-ready plans and specifications. Services may include both surveying and additional engineering services.

Services may include the following:

  • Feedback and review on maintenance program for Port rail infrastructure;
  • Inspections of existing rail track;
  • Development off conceptual plans and budgets;
  • Development of FRA compliance programs;
  • Safety training of Port personnel.

Please click the “Plans & Specifications” tab above for access to the download link for the RFQ documents for this project.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 by 3:00 PM by email or a physical copy at the Port’s Office.


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Company Name Phone Website (Where Applicable)
Onvia (206)373-9500  
Dodge Data & Analytics (915)996-6118  
AXIS Track Report (615)668-1177 http://www.axistrackreport.com
ConstructConnect (800)364-2059  
Construct Connect (800)364-2059  
constructconnect (800)364-2059  
Onvia (206)373-9500  
Eplan Online Plan Room (573)447-7130  
STV (312)553-8422  
SCI Engineering, Inc. (636)757-2631 http://sciengineering.com
Via Rail Engineering (920)279-0463 http://www.viarailengineering.com
David Mason + Associates (312)884-5100  
ConstructConnect (800)364-2059  
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) (732)536-0200  
ddsfsgsffdsf sg (985)645-1245  
Envirobidnet.com an Entram Corp (888)888-0900 https://www.envirobidnet.com/
IMS (858)490-8823  
czcx (655)604-5156 http://www.google.co.in
ims (865)547-3212  
ePlan (573)447-7130  
AXIS Track Report (615)668-1177 http://axistrackreport.com
TWM, Inc. (618)624-4488 http://www.twm-inc.com
Company Name Phone Website (Where Applicable)
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