C0122C – Building 203 Phase 1 Building Rehabilitation

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The purpose of this project is to perform the first phase of rehabilitation to Building 203. This includes selective demolition of roofing and roof deck, selective demolition of interior partitions where denoted, supply and install new roof deck and roofing, supply and install new gutters and downspouts, supply and install new corrugated polycarbonate siding at areas denoted in the plans, supply and install two new doors in existing frames, and selected masonry repairs where denoted in the plans
This project will be partially funded with Federal funds from the United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration and therefore is subject to the Federal laws and regulations associated with that program. This project will be subject to current Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage rates and certain Affirmative Action goals.
There are certain advertisement requirements that are time-sensitive, please carefully read over the bidding packet to ensure that you abide by these requirements.
Any contractor wishing to submit a Bid Proposal for this project will be required to submit sufficient qualifications indicating that they have the experience and capacity to complete this Project in compliance with appropriate specifications and requirements.
Please click the “Plans & Specifications” tab above for access to the download link for the bidding documents for this project.
Friday, June 19, 2020 at 10:00 AM at the America’s Central Port Office.
Friday, July 2, 2020 at 1:00 PM at the America’s Central Port Office


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Company Name First Phone Website (Where Applicable)
Bartch Roofing Co, Inc. Bud (314) 895-4200  
Poettker Construction Company Alyssa (618) 526-7213  
Lakeside Roofing Co., Inc. Pat (618) 344-2800  
KORTE AND LUITJOHAN HAL (618) 654-9877  
Geissler Roofing Inc Mark (618) 277-7727  
ICS Construction Services Tony (314) 534-6664  
Shay Roofing, Inc. Glenn (618) 476-3360  
North America Procurement Council, Inc. Lyra De (302) 450-1923  
Bade Roofing Inc Matt (314) 892-1331 http://www.baderoofing.com
C. Rallo Contracting Co., Inc. Mark (314) 633-9703 http://www.crallo.com
L. Keeley Construction Nathan (314) 421-5933 http://www.lkeeley.com
WWCS, Inc. Bob (618) 258-1222 http://www.wwcsinc.com
Company Name First Phone Website (Where Applicable)
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Below you will find the listing of the Companies which attended the Pre-Bid Meeting:

Archview Metal
Archview Metals
1632 Quarry Road
Columbia, IL 62236

Bartch Roofing
Bartch Roofing
13575 Northwest 2nd Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Bistate Roof Systems
Bistate Roof Systems
600 Eicover Ave
Valley Park, MO 63085

D.E. Martin Roofing
D.E. Martin Roofing
405 N. Madison
Lebanon, IL 62254

Hunter Construction
Hunter Construction
2625 S Illinois St.
Belleville, IL 62220

Lakeside Roofing
Lakeside Roofing
2205 Vandalia
Collinsville, IL 62234

Lamar Moore Construction
Lamar Moore Construction
4401 State Route 162
Granite City, IL 62040

Millennium Construction
Millennium Construction
819 Ofallon Troy Road
Lebanon, IL 62254

Morrissey Construction
Morrissey Construction
705 Southmoor Place
Godfrey, IL 62035

Pinnacle Construction
Pinnacle Construction
7733 Forsyth Blvdd.
St. Louis, MO 63105

Plocher Construction
Plocher Construction
2808 Thule-Plocher Road
Highland, IL 62249

Poettker Construction
Poettker Construction
400 S. Germantown Rd.
Breese, IL 62230

Taylor Roofing
Taylor Roofing
11027 E. B Street
Belleville, IL 62220

Tindall Construction
Tindall Construction
5640 Nameoki Road
Granite City, IL 62040

Versico Roofing Systems
Versico Roofing Systems
3800 Peaceful Valley Dr.
Arnold, MO 63010

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Question Answers
1.Is general note 18 on A001 applicable to this project? “Complete plans and specifications for alarm systems shall be submitted for review and approval prior to system installation.”
2. Is general note 19 on A001 applicable to this project? “Complete plans and specifications for fire-suppression systems shall be submitted to the fire department for review and approval prior to installation”
3. Per fire department general notes on A001 do we need to supply fire extinguishers? If so how many? “Provide fire extinguisher within 75' travel distance for all occupants“
4. On sheet A100 where does keyed note S106 for fence repair/replacement start and stop?
5. Sheet A301 shows keyed notes 301, 302 and 304 that are not defined.
6. None of the Keyed noted on sheet A302 are defined
7. Is curb detail 2 on A700 applicable to this project?
8. Please confirm the debris piles were abated and do not have to be treated as hazardous waste.
9. Is temporary shoring detail 4 on S-301 the applicable to this project?
1. General Note 18 is not applicable. Note will be eliminated.
2. General Note 19 is not applicable. Note will be eliminated.
3. Provide 2 fire extinguishers on hooks. One located next to man-door 101 and one next to man-door 102. (Building will be classified as Unoccupied until future renovation phase.
4. Scope of fence repair / replacement includes are immediately east of location where large existing garage door collapsed at center bay of east elevation. Length of affected area is approximately 60 feet.
5. Sheet A301 has been revised as part of Addendum No. 1 with the keyed notes defined in the schedule.
6. Sheet A302 has been revised as part of Addendum No. 1 with the keyed notes defined in the schedule.
7. Yes. Detail 2/A700 occurs at the central (upper) bay of roofing at the east and west ends / elevations.
8. All identified asbestos will be remediated by the time this project is performed, except for some roof flashing. If any additional material is identified during the project, it will need to be removed appropriately.
9. The shoring detail can be used if during the roof tear off, any of the exterior walls need to be reinforced.
1. Will a security fence be required around the property while the work is going on?
2. Where the existing joists meet the new face board lumber, a lot of the joists appear to be rotten on the ends to some extent, the plan doesn’t show adding a “sister joist” next to the existing joists, how will this be addressed when this problem arises?
3. Does the entire lower area get new face boards per detail 5- S-300 as shown on sheet S-102? Or just where the new joists are being replaced? See sheet S-102.
1. No fencing will be required.
2. Where end of joists have deteriorated, install sister joists or new replacement joist matching the existing.
3. Yes, the entire lower section will have new face board/blocking.
1. Will there be a new ceiling grid installed in the office spaces?
2. Is there any painting work in this project?
1. No.
2. The new fascia board and the new door will be painted.
1. Dose the roof sheathing have to be fire retardant?
2. Detail 7 & 11/S300 show the long the long beams being plated, Should we assume we plate the cross beams also too?
3. How long are the expansion anchors for Detail 7 & 11/S300?
4. There is a form in the documents sent yesterday saying we need to take out an add in the Belleville News Democrat for DBE bidders. With the job bidding on Thursday, that will be difficult. How should we fill out this form?
5. Regarding sheet A201 note 224, says to board up broken windows, will this plywood need to be pressure treated?
1. Roof sheating is not required to be fire retardant treated wood. We are type 3B Construction with a 0-hour Roof Fire-Rating required.
2. All new wood joists are spanning between concrete beams running east-west. A new sill plate will be installed under the new joists over the concrete girder (north south beam)
3. See table on General Notes sheet for required embedment lengths for expansion anchors.
4. The forms will still need to be filled out, however we will not require a certificate of publication due.
5. Yes.
1. When will the NTP be given?
2. Can the Subcontractor list be given 24 hours after the bids are due? Sometimes bids come in at the last minute.
3. At the pre bid it was announced we can email the bid in to tmiller@americascentralport.com, is that correct?
1. The NTP will be issued approximately 30 days after bids are received after the EDA reviews and approves the winning bid.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.
1. Regarding sheet A201 note 224, says to board up broken windows, will this plywood need to be pressure treated?
2. Regarding sheets A301 and A302, there are some notes, 301, 302, and 304, I don’t see a description of these notes, do they pertain to these sheets?
1. Yes, the plywood needs to be pressure treated.
2. Please see addendum 01
Regarding the 10.5 x 30.25 Glu-Lam Beams shown on sheet S-102 and the notes on sheet S-001, what does the camber of the beams need to be? Please refer to Addednum 01. The Glu-Lam beams should be cambered 2"
Please clarify if the following forms are required at bid submittal. They were not provided in the spec book.
a. 00450 – Contractor Qualification Statement Form
b. 00455 – Subcontractor Prequalification Form
c. 00260-A – Bidder Certification Regarding Use of DBE(s); and
d. 00260-B – DBE Subcontractor Participation Form
e. 00260-C – DBE Utilization Plan;
f. 00260-D – Bidder Certification of Advertisement for DBE(s);
Please refer to Addendum 01. The missing forms are attached.
Due to the 3rd being a recognized holiday for July 4th can the Subcontractor/DBE forms be turned in on Monday, July 6th? Yes.
Question Answers
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