C0131 – 2019 A-Lead Track Maintenance

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In general, this project is to provide maintenance work to the A-Lead and adjacent rail tracks on America’s Central Port property. These maintenance activities include replacing ties, repairing or replacing track hardware, and also an alternate bid to replace a old timber grade crossing.
This project will be subject to current Madison County Prevailing Wage rates.
Any contractor wishing to submit a Bid Proposal for this project will be required to submit sufficient qualifications indicating that they have the experience and capacity to complete this Project in compliance with appropriate specifications and requirements.
Please click the “Plans & Specifications” tab above for access to the download link for the bidding documents for this project.
Wednesday April 24, 2019 at 9:00 AM at the America’s Central Port Office.
Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 2:00 PM at the America’s Central Port Office


There have been no addenda released for this project.

Bid Packet

Plans & Specifications:     DOWNLOAD
Rail Ownership Map: DOWNLOAD

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Company Name First Last Phone Website (Where Applicable)
J-Track LLC Dan Gabrisko (708) 243-2157  
Rhinehart Railroad Construction,Inc. Dave Luvara (410) 879-1322 http://www.Rhinehartrailroad.com
AXIS Track Report David Armstrong (615) 668-1177 https://www.axistrackreport.com
N&J Railroad Contractors Inc gene gorden (314) 574-5748  
Dodge Date and Analytics Jane Lumacang (413) 239-3787  
Swanson Contracting Co., Inc. Mike Beverly (815) 955-9632 http://www.swansoncontracting.com/
Onvia onvia onvia (206) 373-9500  
America's Central Port Philip Sholl (618) 781-2938  
America's Central Port Philip Sholl (618) 542-8431  
ePlan Raven garrett (573) 447-7130  
Company Name First Last Phone Website (Where Applicable)
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Below you will find the listing of the Companies which attended the Pre-Bid Meeting and are approved to submit a bid for this Project:

Capital Railroad Contracting
Capital Railroad Contracting
1635 W. First Street
Granite City, IL 62040

Railworks Track Services
Railworks Track Services
4301 Bridgeton Industrial Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Swanson Contracting Co., Inc.
Swanson Contracting Co., Inc.
11701 S. Mayfield Ave.
Alsip, IL 60803

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Question Answers
We appreciate the opportunity to ask the following questions:
1) Are the 160 locations on the A-Lead track that is described in 00520 Scope of work to mean that the Contractor will change 160 ties? In other words, is the Contractor to plan their base bid on replacing 160 ties?
2) Do you envision all ties will be spread evenly across the entire length of A-Lead or will there be a majority of ties installed in a certain location?
3) Can you identify on the drawings/site map posted in the plan room where the limits of the work begin and end?
4) The Scope of Work mentions that, among other items, the Contractor is to supply anchors. Is there an anchor pattern required for the entire length of A-Lead? Is the Contractor to supply all new anchor for the entire length of track? Please elaborate on how you planned on this item. Can the Contractor reuse existing anchors if they are adjacent to a tie that is changed?
5) For Track 1, is the only work to be performed here as described in 00520, 2.01, C.2?
6) If the alternate for the full timber crossing is pursued, the Owner is not requiring dapped ties be installed, correct? Will all ties be taken from Owner’s stock and installed as is in the crossing?
7) Will spoils from the crossing removal be allowed to be spread on site?
8) Is Rail Road Protective Liability Insurance required for this project?
9) As discussed in the Pre-Bid meeting, a dedicated Safety Representative is not required and the foreman or onsite supervisor can act in this role in addition to their other duties. All crews are required to follow safety rules and have proper PPE. Please confirm this is the case.
10) What is the date all work is to be completed by?
11) Is it the intent of the Contract to allow the Contractor to mobilize once to the site and complete the project as efficiently as possible?
1) Yes, Yes.
2) The ties will be spread across the entire length of the A-Lead although, there are several clusters of ties that are closer together.
3) Referencing the "Rail Ownership Map" DOWNLOAD in the "Plans and Specifications" tab of the Plan Room for the C0131 Project, the limits are:
sheet NH-1.01 through sheet NH-1.08 (2 to9). Starting at switch NH-01 follow "Track A Lead" all the way to NH-09, including "Track 1" from NH-11 to NH-12.
4) It is not the intention of this project to replace or install new anchors for the entire length of the track. The contractor will be responsible for possibly replacing anchors only at the location they are replacing a tie at. If they remove the anchors to install a replacement tie, the contractor can reuse the removed anchor although, if the anchor cannot be reused, the contractor will need to supply an anchor.
5) In addition to the 00520, 2.01, C.2 work, there are also some ties to be replaced.
6) That is correct. Yes, all the ties will come from ACP stockyard both ties for the timber crossing construction and cross ties if needed.
7) Yes, the rock spoils that will come out of the grade crossing can be spread along the gravel access road that leads to Arch Helicopter.
8) No
9) Yes, to also confirm, it is the contractor's responsibility to contact the railroad and tenants that use the track and to have de-rails in place. The contractor is required to follow all applicable safety standards.
10) 25 days from the date the Notice to Proceed is issued. (section 00520 Article 3, 3.02).
11) Yes
Question Answers
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