Infrastructure Conditions Assessment RFP

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America’s Central Port is requesting proposals to assess the current infrastructure of its property. This will include the assessment of approximately 13 miles of rail track, 20 miles of road, 54,000′ of sanitary sewer, and 58,000′ of storm sewer. The assessment will include the following:

  • Rating of the infrastructure;
  • Photographs;
  • Recommended treatments of any deficiencies;
  • Recommended treatments schedules;
  • Cost estimates;
  • CCTV footage of all sewer systems.

Any entity wishing to submit a proposal for this project will be required to submit sufficient qualifications indicating that they have the experience and capacity to complete this project in compliance with appropriate specifications and requirements.
Please click the “Plans & Specifications” tab above for access to the download link for the Request for Proposal form for this project.
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 3:00 PM at the America’s Central Port Office or by email to



ADDENDUM #1 (issued 10/27/2020)

Request for Proposal Form


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Company Name Phone Website (Where Applicable)
Source Management (020) 637-3950  
North America Procurement Council, Inc (302) 450-1923  
Environmental Works Inc. (314) 320-9776
RJN Group (314) 588-9764  
Design Nine Inc (314) 729-7600  
Civil Design, Inc. (314) 881-5467
Railroad Consultants PLLC (407) 803-3969
Urban Engineers, Inc. (412) 335-9975
Visu-Sewer of Missouri LLC (601) 862-4543
Juneau Associates, Inc., P.C. (618) 219-3109  
Haier Plumbing and Heating, Inc. (618) 243-5908  
Horner & Shifrin (618) 560-8742  
Hurst-Rosche, Inc. (618) 612-5064  
Southern IL Builders Assoc (618) 624-9055  
TERRA Engineering, Ltd. (630) 408-7729
RJN Group, Inc. (630) 818-6689
RJN Group, Inc. (630) 818-6689  
Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc. (816) 241-2891  
Tepa Engineering Services, LLC (816) 506-9284
Urban Engineers (904) 599-5304  
Company Name Phone Website (Where Applicable)
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There is no scheduled Pre-Bid Conference. All are allowed to submit a proposal for this project.

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Question Answers
Can a bidder quote the track portion of the assessment only? No, proposals must address road, rail, and storm and sanitary sewers to be considered responsive. Interested parties that cannot address the entire scope is encouraged to partner with others. Please view the "Plan Holders List"  tab on this page to find a list of companies that have shown interest in this project.
Question Answers
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